Using Crystals to Enhance Your Life

With Tiffany Burke, Doers Beat Thinkers

We’ve been conditioned to think using crystals is not for “us” and that this is some new age ish. All I can say is lies, lies, and more lies! Our ancestors knew what was up. Egyptians and other African cultures were known to use lapiz lazuli, red carnelian, quartz, citrine, and of course, gold. Even the Bible mentions the use of crystals several times. So again, it’s nothing new. 

However knowing that they exist, their value, and how to use them, well that’s a different story. It’s really easy to feel confused or overwhelmed when it comes to using the energy of crystals. How do you know which crystals do what? How do you select the right ones for you? And once you do buy them how do you use them to help you enhance your life and reach your goals? 

Tiffany Burke of Doers Beats Thinkers is spilling all the tea and is my go-to expert about crystals. Even if you aren’t new to using them, the info she shares in this episode will be informative to all. 

Journal Prompts

  • Meditate with one of your crystals. Write about what came up and what you felt.
  • While focusing on a piece of rose quartz, ask yourself “how would freely giving and accepting love from myself make me feel?”
  • Take your clear quartz crystal in your hands for a few minutes and focus on releasing your negative thoughts. For each negative thought, send three positives truths into the universe by writing those in your journal.


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