covid travel anxiety

Covid Travel Anxiety Crushed My Desire To Travel

It feels like the fasten seat belt sign has gone off and more people are traveling internationally but is it really safe? Or worth it to travel right now in this new norm and things still not being fully open? Travel anxiety has me shaking my head saying, “hell nah!”

I considered myself a travelista, a woman of color who loves to travel, and I was constantly jet-setting around the world regular before COVID-19. Heck, I’ve even written a book called, Travel is My Therapy. But gone are the days where I get excited about travel deals or heading to my favorite spots like Cuba, Italy, and Bali.

It’s not like I don’t ever want to travel again and I’m not shaming those who are traveling. However, COVID-19 has caused a horrible case of travel anxiety that I’ve never experienced and has crushed my desire to travel.

In today’s episode, I discuss:

  • The different types of travel anxiety
  • Why I’m choosing not to travel anytime soon
  • Ways you can work through your own travel anxiety

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