I Hated Yoga and Now I’m a Yoga Teacher – My Yoga Journey

If you hate yoga, I was with you for most of my life. So, how does one go from hating yoga to being a yoga teacher? Sounds crazy, I know. In this episode, I share my journey from feeling shame and like I didn’t fit into an encounter with a Balinese healer that tricked me into yoga. I never thought I’d like yoga, let alone want to become a teacher to deepen my practice. Hopefully, sharing my journey home to Kundalini yoga will inspire you to try it.

NEW CLASSES: Intro to Kundalini Yoga, Wednesdays at 5 PM PT at YogaLove Oakland (virtual and in-person) starting Sept 7, 2022.


This six-week Kundalini Yoga series for beginners is a beautiful mix of physical practice, breathwork, meditation, and moments to chill. Join us as we cleanse blocks, reconnect with ourselves, and breathe loving energy into our routines. It’s time to discover how to re-treat yourself amid chaos when needed.

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