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Join our transformative two-day Usui/Holy Fire III® Reiki I & II training to unlock the healing power within you. Reiki is a gentle energy healing practice that promotes balance and well-being by channeling universal life force energy through the hands. Perfect for beginners and those looking to deepen their practice, this course covers essential Reiki principles, symbols, hands-on techniques, and more.

This isn’t your average Reiki class. In this two-day class, you’ll learn how to give Reiki to yourself and others, explore the history of Reiki, be attuned to three Reiki symbols, and more. Come prepared to have fun, learn, share, and take another step on your healing journey to the life you truly desire.

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What will you learn:

Why Learn Reiki:

Learning Reiki is not only an investment in your own health and well-being but also a powerful way to contribute to the healing of others. Whether you are seeking personal growth, looking to enhance your wellness practice, or wanting to offer Reiki to clients, this training provides you with the knowledge and skills to make a meaningful impact. 

Reiki offers numerous benefits for both personal well-being and professional practice. It can help you:

Why Should Attend:

  • Beginners: Those new to Reiki seeking to learn and apply this healing modality.
  • Current Practitioners: Reiki practitioners looking to deepen their knowledge and experience the Holy Fire® energy.
  • Holistic Practitioners: Wellness professionals wanting to incorporate Reiki into their practice.


Danielle's 14-Day jump start your healing tips and tricks

Danielle Washington, Certified Usui Karuna Reiki Master Teacher

Danielle D. Washington is on a mission to create a wellness revolution movement for women of color to transform from simply trying to survive to healing and thriving through Hella Well With Danielle. She considers herself the Harriet Tubman of wellness as she is that sister-friend who is two steps ahead, shining a light to guide her sisters through their healing journey.

As a certified Reiki Master Teacher and retreat facilitator, Danielle mixes her years of experience with her intuitive gifts and humor to help her clients push the pause button in life long enough to relax and recharge, and allow transformational healing to occur.

Her mantra is “put your mask on first,” which stands as a reminder that making yourself a priority is the ultimate act of self-love.

Reviews by previous course-graduates

"My heart is so full. Excited about my Reiki journey. "
Reiki I/II
"Amazing amazing teacher! Such a beautiful and wonderful experience. Grateful for you! "
Reiki I/II
"I didn't want a culturally deprived experience like you see in a lot of wellness crowds. Danielle's add her own cultural perspective in her trainings. Also personality comes through."
Reiki I/II

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