Practical Ways to Calm the Inner Critic

Your inner critic will have you do crazy things to keep you safe. The blogs will tell you how to silence your inner critic, but that’s a lie. The key to peace is finding ways to calm your inner critic, and that’s today’s focus.

This is the last of a four-part series on the Inner Critic. If you haven’t listened to the other episodes, you can still get something out of this one, but I encourage you to listen to those to get the full picture of how your inner critic is showing up and affecting your life. My inner critic almost made me lose a good friend. Thank goodness for one of the practical techniques I discuss in today’s episode.

One of the methods I shared to calm your inner critic is the Meditation for a Calm Heart. This Kundalini Yoga meditation is a soothing breath practice (pranayama) that relieves anxiety and promotes calmness and mental clarity. It’s perfect for beginners and a great way to help calm your inner critic in its manic moments.

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