It’s a Struggle to be Unapologetically Me 24/7

Is it just me, or is it a struggle to be unapologetically yourself and embrace true identity 24/7? Sure, it’s easy to say I’m going to keep it real, but then there are those times when we get back in our comfort zone of saying yes when we want to say no to please others. Or you catch yourself talking negatively to yourself because it comes so naturally.

This is the struggle I share in today’s episode. I am a comfort zone junkie, and I’m trying to stop, so I can live the life I say I want; A life where I don’t have to wear the masks society has assigned to me. One where code-switching doesn’t exist, and I’m free to be me in a world that demands that I fit in. So how am I navigating the sea of a lifetime of conditioning to living on my terms? Tune in!

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