Embrace Your Power & Go!

With Denise Taylor,

Five key principles to unlocking your superpowers and embracing your power, even in fear.

Journal Prompts:

  • Can I recall an old narrative or story I tell myself that is holding me back from beginning my shift?
  • How and why do I commit to showing up for myself and embracing my power?
  • My stepping fully into my personal power looks like______.


About Denise Taylor:denise-taylor

Denise is the author of, Embrace Your Power & Go. With over 25 years of proven business and leadership success, over 25 years of relationship success, and over 50 years of life success. Denise’s combined experiences position her to help women develop success strategies for every area of their life. When asked, Denise will quickly affirm she lives a Blessed Life. But don’t get it twisted – her life has NOT been perfect or easy. Denise overcame many traumas, losses, and disappointments.

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