7 Types of Rest You’re Not Getting But Need

Rest shouldn’t feel like a chore you add to your to-do list. But so many of us struggle to find the time to add rest to our lives and then we feel hella guilty. We know we need it. Our bodies scream, “I need a break” on a regular. Yet, our conflicting priorities seem to win this battle pushing recharging our mind and body further down the list of things we need to do. Or worse, when you try to fix your lack of energy by getting more sleep or do nothing, you still feel exhausted.

Even God knew rest was so important that he took the seventh day to stop creating. I’m not one to normally quote the Bible, but I think this definition has messed us up. We have grown to assume that rest means anything that is not our normal work. Binge-watching your favorite shows, scrolling through your social media feed, or laying on the couch and running through your goals all fall under non-working moments; but can we really call these moments rest?

News alert, if your definition of rest only focuses on sleep or ceasing activity, you’re setting yourself up for chronic exhaustion. Sleep alone will never fully restore your energy. According to Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith’s book, Sacred Rest, there are seven types of rest you need to thrive and not simply survive. Isn’t time you finally discovered how to get the right type of rest for you? 

In this week’s episode we’ll discuss:

  • Why rest and sleep are not the same

  • Fake rest and the true meaning  

  • Society of functional burnouts

  • Why your vacations aren’t cutting it 

  • Identifying how you’re exhausting your energy and rest deficits 

  • Top 3 types of rest everyone needs ASAP


Journal Prompts

  • Have a heart-to-heart talk with your inner mean girl (aka negative self-talk). If she is extra vocal today and telling you all the things you are doing wrong, reply with all the things you are doing right.
  • Describe how it would feel if rest and relaxation were a consistent part of your self-care routine.
  • Sit quietly for a few minutes, just breathing and listening to your body, before you start journaling. What is it telling you? Where do you feel strong, healthy, energetic, relaxed? Where do you feel tense, worried, uncomfortable, tired?
  • Ask yourself what do I need right now? Does this recharge or drain me?

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