Why Being Bougie Should Be Goals

With Cassandra Alexis, Opulent Outcomes Coaching and Consulting LLC

It’s time to learn the history of the word ‘Bougie’ and rethink the negative ideas we’ve been trained to believe. Being bougie is not about acting like you are better than others and has gotten a bad rap. My guest, Cassandra Alexis of the Opulent Outcomes Coaching and Consulting discusses why being bougie should unapologetically be your goal. This is a conversation you’re not going to want to miss!



Cassandra Alexis Bio

Cassandra Alexis is a best-selling author and one of the Co-authors of the Unchained Goddess and the CEO of Opulent Outcomes Coaching and Consulting LLC.  As a certified professional Coach and accomplished global marketer for brands like Disney and ExxonMobil, she uses her corporate experience to help black female entrepreneurs to launch and grow their businesses.

Cassandra is also the host of the Crowned Opulence podcast. A podcast geared towards helping black women get the opulent outcomes that they desire in life and business through conversations confronting the hard, messy, and necessary things that
we don’t talk about enough as black women while gaining the marketing savviness needed to launch and build our fempires.

Cassandra Alexis is committed to helping empower black professional women to silence their self-doubts, own their opulence, and market their value so that they can create their own tables in their life and business.

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