Asking for Help Isn’t a Sign of Weakness

With Latika Vines, Visionary Initiatives, LLC

Asking for help can be one of the hardest things to do. There is a yin and yang to giving and receiving but most of us are really off-balanced when it comes to receiving help. I mean seriously, who wants to appear as if they aren’t strong enough to do it all, while also being there for others? For many, the world has expected you to always be available. You may even pride yourself on being the glue for so many others, but at what cost? Is not asking for help or delegating worth constantly feeling exhausted and stressed out? 

My guest, Latika Vines, builds a strong case for why delegating is a sign of strength and not weakness. 

  • How to get comfortable with asking for help
  • Tips for delegating 
  • Steps to build a system that allows you to not be stretched past your capacity 
  • Why the capacity of ancestors was different

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About Latika Vines:Latika Vines

Latika Vines is the Founder, work-life balance advocate & educator, organizational growth plan expert, and the boss mom coach of Visionary Initiatives, LLC, equipping Christian working moms with the clarity, confidence, and control to successfully balance life and have a fulfilling career; and providing organizations with career growth workshops and tools to develop their employees, increase employee satisfaction. Additionally, she is a podcast host of her self-titled show, 3x author, visionary speaker, and founder of The Vision Women Network.

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