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8 Ways You’re Doing Self-Care Wrong

Self-care is being peddled as the “It Girl” for all your needs. With 49.5 million posts on Instagram with the phrase “self-care,” it’s hard not to scroll through your social media feed without seeing a post with the hashtag #selfcare. It all sounds great until you realize self-care can be done wrong.

The wellness industry is a trillion-dollar industry and larger companies are jumping on the self-care bandwagon. Everything these days is considered self-care from what you eat, where you go, and the beauty products you use. We are being told daily what self-care “should” be and what we “should” want in life to be happy and whole. But not all things done in the name of self-care are good for you. Or if they are done a certain way, they can actually be harmful.

Note that I do believe self-care is not optional and is an act of self-preservation, especially for women of color. So I’m not saying self-care is bad and not to make it a priority in your life. Instead, I am shining a light on what you do in the name of self-care matters. And I repeat, self-care can go hella wrong without you realizing it!

The fact that you can do self-care wrong may sound like a shocking concept and downright crazy, but it’s easier than you think. In today’s episode, we’re discussing 8 ways self-care can go hella wrong. 

Journal Prompts

  • Is my desire to practice self-care a form of spiritual bypassing?
  • Are my personal beliefs and values in alignment with my current self-care routines?
  • Write a list of what makes you happy and/or triggers for anger and sadness
  • How do my current self-care routines make me feel? Am I rested, feeling joy or something still feels off?


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