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People Pleaser, This Ain’t Love

With Samantha Washington, Mended Fitness

Discover the ugly truth about being a people pleaser that will make you rethink your actions with this week’s guest Samantha Washington of Mended Fitness.

samantha washington

Samantha Washington:

Samantha is a fitness coach turned life coach. She grew up in a toxic environment with physical, emotional, and verbal abuse. Love was conditional in that home and she needed an out. Samantha decided to flee as soon as she graduated from high school.  She joined the Air Force in 2007 seeking a better life. As she navigated through the ranks she decided to further her education and currently holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Criminology from the Hawaii Pacific University.

She, later, got married and started a family. Life seemed much more manageable until one day everything came crashing down. She found herself in depression. God revealed to her that she was running from her past. He opened her eyes to the psychological effects it had on her adult life. Samantha always wanted to help people so she started to research how childhood abuse affects adults who are people pleasers. The revelation along with therapy allowed her to create a path to healing so she could get out of her depression. Now Samantha helps women rediscover their identity, built their confidence muscles so they can live their lives and fulfill their God-given

Dive Deeper with Samantha Washington:

Journal Prompts:

  • Are my closest relationships healthy?
  • What is one thing that I’m scared people will think of me if stop trying to be there for everyone and is this actually a likely reality?
  • What do you believe is at the root of being a people pleaser?


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