Where Americans Can Travel Internationally Now

Are you ready to travel again internationally, but not sure where Americans can travel right now due to COVID restrictions? If so, you stumbled upon the perfect podcast discussing where Americans can travel internationally as of October 2020.

I had a great chat with Dr. Yvette McQueen (AKA the travel doctor) in our first podcast episode outlining traveling during the pandemic.  If you haven’t listened to that episode already, I highly recommend listening to it before or after this one. In that episode, we discussed how to decide if traveling a pandemic is right for you, what changes TSA, airports, airlines, and hotels are making, and what to pack. However, we didn’t cover exactly where Americans can travel right now. Hence, the follow-up episode!

I’m hella itching to travel! So much so, I check on my passport as if it is lonely and in need of support, when really…it’s me who needs support. I’m ready to travel internationally again.

Info You Hella Want to Catch

  • What countries are open to Americans
  • Travel requirements for each
  • What to consider when traveling internationally right now
  • What’s the difference between PCR and the antibody COVID tests

Journal Prompts

Each week I’ll provide you with journal prompts to allow you to go deeper.

  • What fears do you have around traveling? What can you do to overcome your fears?
  • What type of travel experience do you need in your life (self-care, baecation, adventure, etc.)?
  • How do you want to feel once you return from your trip? (this will help you pick the right destination for you)


  • American Airlines Sherpa – A great travel tool from the aa.com that allows you to look up travel updates in one location before booking a trip.

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