Self-Pleasuring, Get In Touch With Yourself

With Channel Jaali, Jaali Co

Why is pleasure never discussed in sex education? Or that sex with a partner is even better when you personally know how to please yourself? Instead, many women grow up not feeling comfortable touching themselves or directing another person. Pleasure starts way before one gets in the bedroom as my guest, Chanel Jaali discusses in this week’s episode.

Chanel is the founder of Jaali Co., a multi-faceted company focusing on sex education, pleasure, and research, and is a wealth of info on the subject. She is an independent researcher, public speaker, mental health professional, and sexual educator focusing on the topics of sexual development, sexual attitudes and behaviors, and reproductive rights. Her research has been presented nationally at many prestigious conferences.

Topics discussed:
– How to allow yourself to experience sexual pleasure?
– What are barriers to our sexual freedom?
– How does one move past sexual trauma to feel pleasure?
– Tips on how to get more comfortable with touching yourself?
– What does pleasure start, if not in the bedroom

Full Interview Transcript