Self judgement + Where It All Began: Birth of the Inner Critic

Have you ever wondered when and how your self-judgment started? You weren’t born with an inner critic, but there 100% was a moment of birth of this negative inner voice in all of us. August is National Wellness month and I wanted to do something special. I believe one of the biggest blocks to living hella well is our inner critic’s death grip on our thoughts and actions. Every week this month, we’ll be diving deeper into what is the inner critic and where it comes from, how it’s unknowingly affecting your life, how to work with your inner critic, and helpful tips on ways to silence/calm your inner critic.

This week’s episode focuses solely on the birth of the inner mean girl that keeps you thinking you’re not enough. We’ll discuss the survival strategy tests we create to prove we fit in or are worthy, where the inner critic comes from, and some journal prompt questions.

BONUS WORKSHOP: To honor the upcoming Lion’s Gate Portal, join Noela Star Queen and me Sunday, August 7 at 12 PM PST for a mix of Kundalini Yoga and astrological and cultural knowledge on how to harness this powerful energy happening on Monday. (Replay is available)


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