Let Them Have It! (Stress Reduction Tip)

One of the best advice I received to keep your stress levels down was to ‘Let Them Have It.” I heard this from Candice Denise on Instagram, who is a pure genius for this simple but effective technique. Warning – it’s not what you think, as it doesn’t mean going off on people.

This advice was so good I needed to share it with you, as I’m no longer constantly activating my sympathetic nervous system. That’s the one that causes you to go into flight or flight mode and increase your stress level. Instead, these days I find myself in fewer arguments and feeling overall calmer than I have at any other time in my life. And for this, I’m grateful to now incorporate the idea of letting people have it daily.

Event Announcement
Well Being Fair
March 19, 2023
@ 1-5 PM
Mukunda Studio in San Francisco (1250 Folsom St, 2nd floor)
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I will present a mini Kundalini Yoga workshop at 1:30 PM and then offering private Reiki sessions. If you’re in the Bay Area, I hope to see you at this wellness fair presented by TendWell Collective.

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