At the Intersection of Being Black + a Woman

At the insertion of being Black and a woman, most likely lies a mentally and physically exhausted human. One that juggles many personas and has gone through some things to survive life at this intersection. A being intimately familiar with racism, sexism, and hella microaggressions as it’s become part of one’s day-to-day life. A human that has been disrespected, invalidated at work, and negatively stereotyped, all while attempting to be strong and lift others. But there is so much more to this collective journey.

As we close out Black History Month and usher in Women’s History Month, today’s conversation is for those living at this intersection and to educate others on life as a Black woman in America.


  1. Dissect Podcast on Beyonce’s Lemonade – podcast series and visual guide
  2. Black Fatigue by Mary-Frances Winters
  3. Black Girl Magic – a phrase coined by Cashawn Thompson
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