How to Be Ok With Not Being Ok (The Guide You Didn’t Know You Needed)

Sometimes we’re just not okay. The wellness industry wants you to jump on the #itsokaynottobeok trend. I don’t disagree with the message. Yet, when you’re feeling burnout, depressed, or one step from losing it, #itsokaynottobeok feels like an empty campaign promise. Knowing it’s ok not to be ok and knowing how to get through this season are two different things. I’m more interested in the latter.

When that feeling of not being ok kicks in, guidance on how to flow through it and not drown is needed; not a cute hashtag that doesn’t give you any tools. It’s time we take a quick mental vacay from life to discover how to be ok with not being ok. On this tour, I’ll guide you through avoiding some major pitfalls and ways to flow through not being ok like a boss.

Key Landmarks:

  • Load diet
  • Good vibes
  • Recognize, accept, grace (R.A.G.)
  • Realistic removal of stressors
  • Determining when it’s time for a professionals
  • Self-care on top and what that means
  • Non-obligatory activities

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