A True Warrior Doesn’t Need a Blade

The Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is finally here!  This movie evokes such powerful images of female warriors taking charge and protecting their community. It reminds me of the everyday warrior in all of us. She may not have the fierce clothing or fancy blades, but that woman you see every day in the mirror is no less of a warrior, especially if you identify as a woman of color. 

Today I’m pausing to talk about the true strength of a warrior. A true warrior is most powerful when she realizes she no longer needs her ‘blades’ to protect her peace. My blade of choice is my sharp wit. It’s not as good as my cousin’s, but it has cut many. Your blade might be your thick skin or humor. Whatever your blade of choice, it has helped you to survive, so of course, it feels more like a cozy blanket. But a blade is still a blade. 

When you can learn to survive without the blades that have kept you safe to this point, now that’s some kind of next-level Wakanda Forever type of moment. That’s when we shine in our true essence and protect our peace. 

So join me as we pause from the outside world to take another step on this healing journey collectively. 

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