Tiny Habits That Change Everything!

 l“There is a painful gap between what people want and what they actually do.”

What if I told you that the way you’re trying to change or create habits is flawed and it’s not about you. Oh, and that there’s an embarrassingly easier way to achieve what you desire that you can start today. Would you want to know more?

If so, today’s podcast episode could be the one that can change everything in your life for the long term with a few tiny changes. Dr. BJ Fogg, a behavior scientist at Stanford University, is the author of the life-changing book, Tiny Habits: The Small Changes That Change Everything. This book is about the power of starting small to create long-term change. 

Fogg gives a simple roadmap that I’ll explain as well as one surprising point about habits that may shock you:

Repetition and frequency aren’t the keys to creating lasting behavior changes, it’s something else. 

What you’ll hella want to catch

  • Why willpower and motivation aren’t enough
  • Why tiny habits are so powerful
  • B = MAP (Fogg’s formula to changing behavior)
  • How to create tiny habits that work for you
  • The one factor that’s more important than repetition or frequency when it comes to creating change 


Journal Prompts

  • Name some tiny habits you can make today that can make an impact in your life now.
  • How can I make this behavior easier to do?”
  • What does it mean to you to have healthy behaviors?
  • What do you consider your bad habit to be? Describe it in detail, including how and under what circumstances you engage in it.
  • When you do whatever you consider is a bad habit, in what ways do you punish yourself? Or do you? How does having this habit affect your self-image and esteem?

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