Seeking Advice From Yourself

No one knows you better than you. That’s why the best advice comes from within rather than externally. It sounds like a no-brainer, but when you add a lack of self-trust to the mix, there’s an entanglement. The need for seeking reassurance may be a subconscious one that you may not even recognize as a lack of self-trust—for example, constantly complaining to your BFF or asking others for advice about every aspect of your life. It can also look like a heavy focus on checking your horoscope or seeking advice from a spiritual healer. It seems so normal and innocent, but these are both acts of us looking externally for reassurance of our emotions and life decisions.

I recently noticed that I’ve been tapping within and asking myself for advice, which feels pretty good. In today’s episode, I share my personal journey and an exercise to help getting advice from yourself become your go-to method. There’s nothing wrong with getting advice from others or working with healers to help guide you on your healing journey. The episode is a chance to reflect on self-trust, how you’re using your healing tools, and to help you maximize the knowledge and power that lies within you. The answers to all you need are within you, it’s a matter of discovering how to trust.

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