It’s Not Always a Time to Grow or Heal

Healing and striving for abundance are not meant to be 24/7 activities. Yet knowing you’re not meant to work on self-improvement constantly and putting this knowledge into action often feels like oil and water; they don’t mix well. One reason is that we tend to only focus on two seasons in our life; a season of productivity (sow) and a season where we enjoy the rewards of our labor (harvesting). But these aren’t the only seasons in our lives.

Today we’re discussing the season of not pushing yourself to strive to achieve, which is often neglected. This is a season where you’re not focused on your healing or learning and instead simply allowing your mind and body to rest. I know rest feels like such a dirty word in American culture. But it is a season just as important as healing, growing, and abundance, and it’s time to give it some attention during today’s mental vacay.

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