Reasons Why You Can’t Stick to Anything

With Danielle Washington,

Have you ever wondered, why you can’t stick to anything like a routine, diet, or self-care goals? In the beginning, it’s easy because you’re all in and excited. But then you miss a few days and eventually feel defeated and you give up.

For example, you decide that you’re going to implement a morning routine. You’re consistently achieving your goals that the first week, but then you’re running late Monday morning the following week then you skip it. That Wednesday, you wake up and just don’t feel like doing your morning routine, and you skip it again. This pattern continues until you decide it is pointless to continue and you abandon your morning routine. There are a few reasons why you may be struggling to stick to anything.  

You’re probably making one or more of these 8 common mistakes people make when trying to consistently stick to something. In this episode learn what is blocking you, how to stop falling off the wagon to consistently stick to something that matters to you.

Info You Hella Want to Catch

  • Common mistakes blocking you from being able to stick to anything (exercise, job, projects, eating healthy, etc.)
  • Ways to overcome the pitfalls holding you back from being consistent and obtaining the life you truly desire
  • Number one reason why you probably can’t stick to anything (04:05) 
  • Why your why hella matters (06:41)
  • How willpower plays into everything (06:07)
  • Why your inner lawyer is killing your dreams (12:55)
  • Reality checks you need to have with yourself (24:31)
  • One of the easiest ways to stick to anything (19:43)

Journal Prompts

Each week I’ll provide you with journal prompts to allow you to go deeper.

  • Why have my attempts in the past not worked? What could be at the root?
  • Which one of the 8 common mistakes resonates the most and how have they shown up in my life? 
  • What would make me shift my behavior if I really want to stick to a goal? 
  • Describe your why for one of the things you are currently working to consistently do or change. 

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