Find Your Rhythm in Life

The key to self-mastery isn’t finding balance in life. It’s and happiness is finding your rhythm. One that matches your authentic self and current needs. Sounds easy, right? It can be, with the awareness. However, it’s just as easy to unconsciously dance to a rhythm that’s all wrong for you (and we’ve all done it). Or worse, you actually know you’re offbeat and dancing to a life rhythm that doesn’t serve your highest good, and yet you still keep dancing. That’s what living in survival mode feels like to many and it can be a conscious or unconscious choice. 

Survival mode is one of the worst types of rhythms.  It makes you think that you are forced or destined to stay in alignment with a certain way of life. But again, we all have a choice. 

Are you ready to discover your own rhythm or know when you’re dancing to the wrong tune in life?

Episode Highlights

  • Examples of natural rhythms in life
  • Signs you’re out of alignment 
  • Copycat trends and how it’s affecting your happiness
  • Important life cycles 
  • Conscious and unconscious rhythms 
  • Getting out of survival mode 
  • How to know your rhythm and make it work for you 

Journal Prompts

  • What’s does it feel like when you’re flowing or stuck energetically and physically?
  • When are your rhythms shifting? What are the signs? 
  • what activities you’re engaged in that assist in that flow.
  • How can I accept and honor where I am in my rhythm 
  • What activities assist you when flowing?

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