Is Being Vegan an Option For Me?

I hella love cheese, bacon, and seafood. So why in the world would someone who thinks bacon should be another food group go vegan?

I had a few reasons for going vegan.

  1. I love a good challenge and this would be a beast.
  2. I am tired of treating my body like a garbage dumpster. I know I need to start eating healthy.
  3. A recent discovery of crazy high blood pressure and me not wanting to take medicine for the rest of my life.
  4. It seems senseless to detox the mind and not work on detoxing the body.

What really sold me on going vegan is meeting Perla, the founder of Elevation Eating, a meal delivery service focused on plant-based, gluten-free ingredients. Their Natural Beauty 5-Day Reset made it super easy for me to go vegan as it provided me with five days worth of food and guidance throughout my journey.  Now I just needed to overcome the reasons I never wanted to be vegan in the first place.

Like the fact that I feared not finding food I actually wanted to eat. Would I starve to death because, seriously, how many salads can one truly eat?  What if I want to go out and eat? Will I now be that annoying friend with all the food restrictions? Could I really survive life without eggs, meat, fish, dairy, bread, and cheese?

This was about to be my personal survivor challenge and I was ready to live on the greener side of life for five days or at least that was my hope

Those five days flew by fast! I’m not sure whom I shocked more; myself or everyone who swore I wouldn’t be able to make it through the five days without cheating.

Not only did I not cheat, but also I had no desire to go back to eating meat and cheese. I have enjoyed the benefits of eating better like more energy, a clearer mind, and weight loss if I cared about my weight. I’ve felt so great that I opted to continue being vegan on my own for a few more days.

I wish I could say going vegan was the most amazing experience but I can’t. Who knew that telling friends and family you’re now vegan is like stitching a scarlet letter V on your chest?

People have been downright rude with their vegan shaming and they aren’t trying to hide it. At first, the bacon jokes were cute, but then people dangling meat and cheese in front of my face like some animal that couldn’t resist really pissed me off. Not to mention friends who thought it was cool to tell me how lame it is to be vegan or my favorite comment, “how hippie of you.”

I don’t regret my decision to go vegan when I think about how many African-Americans die each day due to poor diet choices. I’m not trying to die before my 86th birthday, so it is time for a change. Plus, what I choose to put down my throat is my business!  (Yes, every pun was intended)

The big question I keep asking myself is when or if I ever go back to eating meat, fish, or dairy products? The logical answer is most likely yes, but probably in serious moderation. What I’ve learned about this experience is that I don’t like being labeled as a vegan. People are brutal and I almost feel like I need to start a Vegan Lives Matters campaign, but I won’t because I don’t want to be labeled as a vegan. I don’t want to be labeled period.

However, if I must be labeled, then I’d say I am an African-American woman who realizes what you put into your body affects you just as much as your personal beliefs. With that knowledge, I’m planning to continue eating better for now and we’ll see what the future holds.

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