When Travel Become Escapism

Do you travel to escape reality? Or more importantly, are you even aware that you may be using travel to escape your own life? Travel is one of the most subtle forms of escapism, which is the desire or behavior to ignore, evade, or avoid reality.  

It’s easy to get swept away in a fantasy lifestyle while traveling. We must not forget that travel can also be one of the best forms of self-care. So how can you tell if you’re using travel to discover yourself and heal or run away from an unhappy life? 

As I discuss in this week’s episode, it’s a thin line between self-care and escapism when it comes to travel. I share my own travel escapism experiences and my ah-ha moment that helped me discover when I was using travel to escape. 


  • What is travel escapism and what are the signs? 
  • The difference between escapism and self-care travel 
  • If you do travel to escape your problems, what happens when you can’t travel 
  • My own experiences with travel escapism
  • How to avoid using travel to escape your reality 

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