The Dark Side of “Treat Yo Self”: Untold Story of Self-Care

Attention, busy women! Are you looking for ways to take care of yourself but find yourself always reaching for quick-fix solutions that never seem to work? In this episode, we’ll explore the dark side of “Treat Yo Self” culture and dive into the world of band-aid self-care practices. I’ll share personal experiences and insights on why these temporary solutions may actually do more harm than good.

But don’t worry, we won’t just leave you hanging. We’ll also be unpacking realistic wellness tips that busy women like you can incorporate into your daily routine to move beyond surface-level self-care and tap into the deeper healing you desire and deserve.

So if you’re tired of feeling stressed out even after indulging in your favorite “Treat Yo Self” moments and want to learn how to truly invest in your well-being, then tune in now. Let’s break free from the quick-fix solutions that aren’t really hitting anyways and discover how to take care of yourself in a realistic way that works.

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