self-love vs self-care

Self-Love vs. Self-Care: What’s the Difference

Self-love and self-care are hot topics. Unfortunately, I constantly see people mixing up self-love and self-care, which is a huge problem. If one doesn’t know the difference between the two, it’s hard to incorporate either one into your life in a way that makes an impact. 

Your relationship to self is the most important relationship. However, when you don’t have self-love or know the difference between self-care and self-work, you show up differently than someone who does.  as I had to learn the hard way, I want to help others not have to wait years before knowing the difference between these similar terms. 

Sure, these two terms can perform together like Destiny’s Child or but they also can be a solo act like Beyoncé. Each one is a necessity and plays a unique role in your ability to thrive, which is why it’s important to fully grasp the meaning of each. 

It took me some years to understand the difference. When I did, I was able to discover self-love and continue to expand it. Understanding the differences has also improved the overall quality of my life. With this week being our anniversary episode and my birthday, I thought what better topic than to break down the differences between self-love and self-care.

Topics discussed: 

  • What are self-love and self-care

  • What are misconceptions about each

  • The difference between self-love and self-care 

  • Tactical ways to foster self-love and self-care 

Journal Prompts

  • How do you practice self-care?
  • What has self-love done for you?

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