Last-Minute Travel Tips From a Traveler Who Does It All The Time

Having time to plan the perfect trip thoroughly is great. But what do you do when you need to plan a last-minute trip? Like when you’re fleeing the stressors in your life for a much-needed break. Or the timing is unavoidable. If you follow these tips, last-minute travel doesn’t have to be expensive or lacking in options.

I’ve been known to book an international trip and be on a plane in less than 10 hours. I love last-minute, but I also understand the art of making a last-minute trip work for me and not against me. In this episode, I discuss:
– Why selecting the right last-minute destination is key
– Booking flights that won’t break the bank
– Accommodation and packing tips
– The #1 thing that will ruin your last-minute trip
– Favorite travel apps
– Travel savings tips that have saved me hella money


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