Hella Relax Pt 2: Relaxing The Wrong Way

Last week we covered why you can’t relax, and today it’s all about how you’re unintentionally relaxing the wrong way. Have you ever attempted to unwind and wondered why you still didn’t feel relaxed? You probably were doing one of these things we’ll be discussing today. I, too, have fallen victim to attempting to use some of these methods and felt left still stressed AF afterward. It’s annoying when you’re trying actually to relax, and it still doesn’t work. In today’s episode, discover if you’re possibly going about relaxing the wrong way.

Relax Series: All you need to do is a quick Google search to discover thousands are struggling with ways to relax. This 5 part series covers why you can’t relax, how many are trying to like the wrong way and how it’s hurting them, tips for different ways to relax, and we’ll end with a beautiful meditation to ease the mind and body into deep relaxation.

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