Hella Relax Pt 1: Why You Can’t Relax!

Relaxing doesn’t come easy to everyone. It’s frustrating to be told to relax, as it can feel as hard as being told to hit Whitney Houston’s high notes. Yet, we are so desperate to find ways to unwind and recharge our energy.

We attempt to do nothing and it feels like torture. We scream at ourselves, “I must relax, I must relax, I must relax,” hoping that saying the words will help, but they don’t. So why can’t you relax? The elephant in the room is that many of us have made relaxing another goal we need to achieve. And that changes everything! Today’s episode is the first in a 5-part series on relaxation. In this episode, we’ll discuss reasons why you can’t relax.

Hella Relax Podcast Series: All you need to do is a quick Google search to discover thousands are struggling with ways to relax. In this series will discuss why you can’t relax, how many are trying to like the wrong way and how it’s hurting them, tips for different ways to relax, and we’ll end with a beautiful meditation to ease the mind and body into deep relaxation.

Show notes:

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