My Trick For Letting Go of Resentment With Ease

I am notorious for having major arguments and fights all in my head. Confrontation gives me anxiety, so it was always safer to keep my resentment, anger, and clapbacks in my head. Has this contributed to my high blood pressure? Probably. But then, I learned a trick that helped me quickly and easily let go of resentment.

I’m sharing that trick in hopes that it can help someone else. It may be a duh moment when you hear it, but doing it might take some practice. It did for me. But once you learn how to let go of resentment and anger, you will feel lighter and, honestly, happier. Again, that’s what happened to me.

If you try this trick, let me know how it goes. Did it work? Did you run into challenges? And if so, what were they as maybe I might have some insights that can help.

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