Hella Relax Pt. 5: Reiki Healing Session

This Reiki healing is the final episode in our 5-part Hella Relax series. I couldn’t think of a better way to start a new year than to focus on relaxing the mind and body. You can listen to this as a guided meditation, have it playing in the background while you work, or listen to it whenever you need to hella relax. You may feel tingling or other sensations in your body, which is normal. And if you feel nothing, that’s normal too as Reiki also works on the subconscious level. I encourage you to drink plenty of water after listening to this episode. Also, things may or may not come up emotionally. This is not a time to judge but a space to simply observe and be present. Enjoy!

Hella Relax Podcast Series: All you need to do is a quick Google search to discover thousands are struggling with ways to relax. This 5-part series will discuss why you can’t relax, how many are trying to like the wrong way and how it’s hurting them, tips for different ways to relax, and we’ll end with a beautiful meditation to ease the mind and body into deep relaxation.

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