In 2018, six people in my life died, leaving me consumed by grief in a way that sent me down an emotional spiral, that was proving harder to each day to pull myself out of. As your typical Type-A, high achieving woman, I had little time to process my grief. I had boxes to check and things to cross off my to-do list, and healing my wounded heart wasn’t one of them! But that’s the funny thing about grief – it doesn’t care what you have to do for the day. It takes over you in different ways, and for me, it showed up in a deep form of burnout like I’d never known.


I’ll spare you some of the details, but eventually, I knew something had to shift in my life to bring me out of the emotional wilderness I was in. Seeking some form of relief and renewal, I took a trip to Bali. I didn’t know it then, but that trip would become the starting point to the spiritual journey that led me to you, right now, as you read this on my website.

Bali was transformative. I took my first kundalini yoga class and experienced a release of emotional energy that shook me to my core. I learned to get still, meditate, and sit with myself long enough to let my feelings – of joy and pain, come alive. I was burst open spiritually and set on a path toward deep healing and personal enlightenment that changed my life for good.

Hella Well with Danielle was born out of that experience. Did it all take place on just one trip to a foreign country? No, of course not. But the tools I’ve amassed over the years have helped me help more women like you, that seem to have it all together on the outside (but are one step away from losing it), find a moment to breathe, heal, and come home to themselves.

Thank you for being here. I look forward to working with you.